Product Information & FAQS

Fusion Max Flux Heat Gun warranty claim
Fusion Revolver Loading Systems for Jaguar, Graphtec, and Roland plotters
Fusion All Type and Fusion Epic Orange material safety data sheets.


Can I return my order?
We do not offer returns. We do offer exchanges in some situations. You are welcome to reach out to us to inquire about your specific needs. We do not offer free exchanges.
My order hasn't been delivered yet.
The logistics carriers offer an estimated delivery date. This date is not guaranteed. If it has been an excessive amount of time and your order has not been delivered please call the logistic company for more information. If they advise that the package has been lost or undeliverable please contact us and we will either refund or reship your order.
How is my information used?
We do not share your information with other companies or 3rd party services other than the logistics carriers. 
Do I have to create an account?
Yes. We do require that you create an online profile to better protect your personal and payment information. 

If you did not find the information you are looking for, please use our "Contact Us" page to reach out so that we can help you further. Thank you.